Close to Flora Batava

The Vecht region is known for its numerous country estates. The country estates remind us of the golden age. Even then, the Vecht region was a popular place to stay. Rich merchants from Amsterdam had their summer houses built here to escape the busy city.

De Vijverhof | Breukelen

Hotel Flora Batava is located in the Vijverhof, a monumental country estate. This country estate is part of a large number of country estates along the Vecht. Directly north of hotel Flora Batava are the country estates Over Holland, Sterreschans and Rupelmonde.

Goudestein | Maarssen

Part of the town hall is the stately country house of the country estate of Goudestein. The white frame of the entrance extends over 2 floors and makes it an impressive building. There is a landscape park around the house which is accessible to the public. The Vechtstreek museum is also located on this country estate.

Boom & Bosch | Breukelen

This country estate was built in 1675. It has been in use since 1925 as the town hall of the municipality of Breukelen (now the municipality of Stichtse Vecht). The country estate has a beautiful garden that has been laid out in a formal style on the Vecht side and in the 19th-century English landscape style on the park side. The garden is open to the public. During the summer months, concerts are regularly held in the 1928 bandstand.

Doornburgh | Maarssen

Buitenplaats Doornburgh aan de Vecht has existed since the 17th century. The special, modern monastery building (in Bossche School style) was added in the 60s of the last century. Doornburgh is a creative country estate for art and science. Regular exhibitions take place. In the restaurant de Zusters they cook a five-course dinner with local products (including from the private courtyard) according to the “table d’hôtes” principle.